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Walmsley & Co window cleaning services does not stop there, we offer a variety of services including new build cleaning, residential house cleaning, gutter cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning and pressure washing. Our specialist team of experienced staff are all fully trained in there field of work and are very thorough in there approach to achieve the highest standards in cleaning

Gutter cleaning

Our large client base specially ask us twice a year to clean there gutters as they get clogged with leaves and mosses stopping the flow of rain water. We use a system called gutter vac which is specially designed for the job with a reach of 30 feet. We can reach any gutter without the use of ladders or cherry pickers. The gutter vac is a powerful vacuum cleaner which sucks out any debris leaving the gutter free of any moss or leaves and flowing free. We then clean the facades with our reach and wash system leaving them looking like new.

Conservatory roof cleaning

We offer a superb service in conservatory roof cleaning with our Reach & Wash system we bring the conservatory back to life leaving it looking like new

New Build Cleaning

With our specialist team we take pride in bringing a home to life by giving it thorough cleaning ready for when house buyers come to view the property

Health and safety

Walmsley & Co constantly strive to maintain the highest health and safety standards, not only for ourselves but also for our customers and clients. We use the reach and wash system which ensures that we comply with the current health and safety laws in relation to the use of ladders

Are team are extremely professional and fully trained competent with in all health and safety aspects of there roll. We are fully insured and a copy of our public liability insurance can be viewed on request.

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